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Outdoor adventure in Tyrol! 

You enjoy hiking, you are an enthusiastic mountain biker or you love climbing in the nature? Then you'd better be off to your next outdoor adventure in Tyrol!

  • Hiking

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    • Hiking in Tirol: figures and facts

      Hiking in Tirol: figures and facts
      Tirol Werbung | Bauer Frank ©
      - Tyrol boasts no fewer than 573 peaks at over 3,000 metres above sea level. The Grossglocker (3,798 metres) and the Wildspitze (3,768 metres) are the highest.
      - Around 700 expertly trained mountain guides and just under 2,000 hiking guides provide safety and support in the mountains.
      - Some 24,000 kilometres of hiking trails maintained by the Alpine Association lead through Tyrol.
      - With 24 stages and 320 kilometres in North Tyrol and 9 stages and 93 kilometres in East Tyrol, the Eagle Walk is one of Tyrol’s best known long-distance hiking routes.
      - The Hohe Tauern National Park covers an area of 1,856 square kilometres and stretches over three Austrian provinces. Five other protected nature parks in Tyrol offer outdoor enthusiasts the chance to explore the delicate Alpine environment.

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    • The Eagle Walk in East Tirol

      The Eagle Walk in East Tirol
      Tirol Werbung | Bauer Frank ©
      • 9 stages / more than 90 km
      Stretching more than 90 kilometers and broken up into nine stages, East Tirol’s Eagle Walk travels through the spectacular Hohe Tauern Range amongst Austria’s tallest peaks: From Ströden, located on foot of Großvenediger Mountain to Lucknerhouse, located on foot of Großglockner Mountain. The biggest glaciers in the Eastern Alps and the highest mountains in Austria: East Tirol’s Hohe Tauern Range exerts a magical attraction for peak baggers and walking enthusiasts. East Tirol has got 250 “Three Thousanders”, peaks that rise more than 3,000m/10,000ft. above sea level; with some approaching 4,000m/13,000ft. Hohe Tauern National Park is the largest protected high-country playground of the European Alps draws hikers, wildlife watchers, mountaineers, rock climbers and photographers year-round. More ...
    • The Eagle Walk at Lechtal Alps

      The Eagle Walk at Lechtal Alps
      Tirol Werbung | Gigler Dominik ©
      • 8 stages / 100 km / 7.500 m altitude difference
      On eight demanding sections, the Eagle Walk follows a 100-kilometre route along the backbone of the Lechtal Alps, where trail users will climb 7,500 metres. Welcome to the Lechtal Alps, famous for its sharp ridges, jagged peaks and the solitude its rugged terrain offers. Only one problem with this invitation-delivering your reply will be downright demanding: 7,500 metres of elevation gain in 100 kilometres. But once you make your way from Ehrwald, Lorea Hut, Anhalter Hut, Hanauer Hut, Württemberger Haus Lodge, Memminger Hut, Ansbacher Hut and Kaiserjochhaus Lodge extend a warm welcome and a sincere invite to drink fine views and savour precious Alpine moments. The last stage of the Eagle Walk in North Tirol takes you to St. Christoph am Arlberg. More ...
    • Sunrise at the “Ramolhaus”

      Sunrise at the “Ramolhaus”
      Tirol Werbung | W9 Studios ©
      • Built 1881 on 3.006m above sea level
      Hamburg‘s highest dwelling is in the Ötztal Valley. To be precise, in the upper Gurgler Valley, close to the Gurgler Glacier. Built in 1881, it is steeped in tradition. It has been expanded and renovated many times since and although it is now equipped with contemporary amenities, the rustic mountain lodge ambience remains. It also has a little chapel. And because heavenly gifts are particularly appreciated here and great emphasis is placed on serving high quality food, the proprietors have joined the „So schmecken die Berge“(That’s what mountains taste like) campaign. More ...
  • Mountain bike

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    • Mountain biking in Tirol: figures and facts

      Mountain biking in Tirol: figures and facts
      Ötztal ©
      - Spectacular Alpine scenery: Breathtaking panoramic mountain views across distances of up to several hundred kilometres create an ‘on-top-of-the-world’ feeling.
      - High-speed downhill trails in the mountains of Tyrol offer technical challenges and ensure memorable, adrenaline-inducing moments.
      - Over 240 kilometres of single trails and, in particular, the Tyrolean Single Trail Hotspots, offer guaranteed fun and action for trail riders.
      - Competent MTB schools and guides teach you the correct techniques for trail riding, help you move beyond your personal limits (e.g. special training for women, beginners, families…) and offer authentic group biking experiences in the Tyrolean mountains.
      - Alpine hut keepers and farmers of small mountain dairies offer you a warm welcome as well as tasty culinary treats. 

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      We recommend you following trails:

    • 3-Country Enduro Trails

      3-Country Enduro Trails
      Tirol Werbung | Haiden Erwin ©
      • 20 km / 12 Flow-Trails
      Nauders am Reschen Pass, situated at the convergence of Austria’s borders to Italy and Switzerland, is one of Tirol’s top mountain biking locales with amazing Enduro adventures to explore: You will find over 20 kilometers of high-alpine singletrack in and around Nauders, with 12 very flowy feeling trails along gravel and dirt roads and through wooded sections littered with roots and rock. While there are no steep drop-offs, the trails present much in the way of technical challenges. More ... 
    • Teäre Line in Sölden

      Teäre Line in Sölden
      Ötztal Tourismus ©
      The "Teäre Line" in Sölden is a super-flowy, super-smooth piece of singletrack designed to give intermediate riders the downhill experience without the downhill risk. The purpose built flow trail runs drops gently through open glades and meadows offering a series of over With over 130 banked turns and small features. It drops elevation just enough to keep you flying along! More advanced riders will be able to dig in and enjoy the flow at higher speeds. Moreover, although it’s all downhill, Teäre Line will test your legs and lungs, not to mention the pump track for some fun at the base. More ... 
    • Lisi-Osl-Trail in Kirchberg

      Lisi-Osl-Trail in Kirchberg
      Kitzbüheler Alpen Marketing | Philipp Wagner ©
      • 2.620 m downhill line 
      Alpine pastures, rooty sections and switchback corners - 2,620-meter long Lisi-Osl-Trail is a downhill trail that will definitely get the adrenaline flowing and where the view of the surrounding mountains is amazing. Named after local mountain bike hero Lisi Osl, the ride offers a mix of easy and more challenging terrain and a blast of thrilling, spectacular and fast descents—and is a whole lot of fun for beginners and advanced bikers. What’s more, this is a great place to practise and hone your trail skills: Tackle this ride as often as you like—the trail drops you right back at the base of Gaisberg Chair where you can hop a lift to the top. The chair lift and the day tickets make it easy for bikers to enjoy the Lisi-Osl-Trail. In between runs, spend relaxing moments on the sunny patio of Gaisbergstüberl on-mountain inn. More ...
  • Climbing

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    • Climbing in Climbers Paradise Tirol

      Climbing in Climbers Paradise Tirol
      Tirol Werbung | Pupeter Robert ©
      - Solid granite (in the Ötztal Alps) and soft limestone (in the Northern Limestone Alps) offer a vast spectrum of climbing options.
      - The exceptionally high density of easily accessible climbing opportunities (5,000 Alpine climbing routes, 3,000 sport climbing routes and 1,500 boulder problems) offers a second-to-none wealth of mountain challenges.
      - The platform offers a pool of free data for climbers with detailed information on 16 Climbers Paradise regions enabling efficient planning of trips and climbs.
      - Safety camps and group initiatives offer participants the opportunity to gain a new perspective on the risks and dangers in Alpine terrain as assessable / positive challenges.
      - Countless climbing festivals and international TOP events (2018 Climbing World Championships) enable you to celebrate your passion for CLIMBING with fellow climbing fans!

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      We recommend you following tours:

    • Marokka Klettersteig

      Marokka Klettersteig
      Tirol Werbung | Pupeter Robert ©
      • A fantastic highlight for all via ferrata fans
      Enjoy a fixed-rope ascent to a prominent peak in the Kitzbühel Alps. This via ferrata offers sports enthusiasts a well-secured climb to the beautiful Marokka summit above the Wildseeloderhaus mountain hut in Fieberbrunn. This Alpine-terrain tour offers everything via ferrata fans could ever wish for – an interesting, varied route, dramatic drops and views of the valley below, challenging sections, a swinging rope bridge and, last but not least, a breathtakingly beautiful summit! A highlight in fixed rope routes is given with the Marokka route in the Kitzbüheler Alps. On the sporty route you climb locked till the beautiful top of the Marokka above the Wildseeloderhaus in Fieberbrunn. This tour with alpine character has everything a climbers heart needs. Fascinating und interesting route guidance, views into the depth, demanding passages, a swinging ropeway as well as a beautiful top! More ...
    • Family-Friendly Climbing in the Pitztal Valley

      Family-Friendly Climbing in the Pitztal Valley
      TVB Pitztal ©
      • Bouldering for the whole family 
      Bouldering is an ideal sport for all the family. In Pitztal Valley there are courses for children as young as five years where they and their parents can learn how to have fun and stay safe.
      "Mandlers Boden" is a quiet area of forest above the hamlet of Ritzenried in the Pitztal Valley – and a paradise for bouldering enthusiasts. All in all there are 35 large rocks with around 70 different climbing routes, many of which are relatively easy. Little wonder, then, that this boulder garden is particularly popular with families and beginners. More ...
    • SAAC Climbing Camps

      SAAC Climbing Camps
      Hannes Mayr | Alpsolut ©
      • One and a half day full with climbing know-how in theory and practices
      The SAAC Climb Camps in Tyrol offer the perfect opportunity to improve your climbing skills under the direction of professional SAAC mountain guides. During 1½ -day camps, participants, after being divided into different groups according to their skills and abilities, receive both practical and theoretical training with regard to the key safety aspects of rock climbing. Furthermore, instructors reinforce climbers’ awareness of Alpine risks and dangers. More ...