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Outdoor Adventures in Tirol

You like hiking, biking and outdoor climbing? Then Tirol is the best choice for your next outdoor adventure! 

  • Climbing

    • Climbing in Tirol

      Climbing in Tirol
      Another Play in Paradise. Alpsolut ©
      Climbers Paradise Tirol is so stacked with good rock and great climbing areas that the greatest challenge when traveling to the Heart of the Alps is deciding what to climb. What makes the perfect route? Is it the natural beauty and setting, the technical difficulty or the rock quality? A jury of six expert climbers selected five of the best sport climbing routes across Tirol. With route grades ranging from 6b to 7c+, the five Great Lines are reason alone for any climber to make the pilgrimage to Tirol.

      Great Lines jury member Barbara Zangerl puts it like that: “Everyone is looking for the crown jewel of climbing, for that particular route that keeps you constantly inspired and pushing your limits – that particular route that makes you want to invest a lot of energy and time!”
    • 5 Great Lines in Tirol:

      5 Great Lines in Tirol:
      Weisser Riese. Alpsolut ©
       - Number One Direct: The Mother of All Routes

       - Puls 2000: Climbing with a View

       - Le Miracle: A True Miracle

       - Weißer Riese (‘White Giant’): A Natural Phenomenon

       - Another Play in Paradise: In the Realm of the Dolomites

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  • Mountainbike

    • Mountain Biking in Tirol

      Mountain Biking in Tirol
      Great Trails Kirchberg | Tirol Werbung ©
      From rocky, rooty old-school gnarl to expansive Alpine singletrack, the five best mountain bike trails in Tirol are amazing downhill fun with incredible flow. Among the 80+ singletrack trails throughout Tirol, these five rides are the perfect places to develop downhill skills. A blend of natural and machine-built singletrack, this is Tirol mountain biking at its best.

      The Great Trails provide rugged technical sections, big views, big time fun and access to rustic mountain lodges. Each one of these tacky smooth singletrack trails has its own distinct personality and scenic beauty. Definitely worth the journey, these amazingly flowy slices of dirt in the Heart of the Alps will leave riders smiling ear to ear.
    • 5 Great Trails in Tirol:

      5 Great Trails in Tirol:
      Great Trails Lermoos | Tirol Werbung ©
       - Arzler Alm Trail: Roller Coaster High Above Innsbruck

       - Blindsee Trail: Natural Beauty at Tirol Zugspitz Arena

       - Fleckalm Trail: Endurance Test in the Kitzbühel Alps

       - Leiterberg Trail: Panoramic Views in Ötztal Valley

       - Plamort Trail: Cross-Border Commuter in Nauders at Reschen Pass

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  • Hiking

    • Walking & Hiking in Tirol

      Walking & Hiking in Tirol
      Kellerjoch, Schwaz | Tirol Werbung ©
      From gentle walks across improbably gorgeous landscape to strenuous treks for peak baggers, Tirol has more than 24,000 kilometres of trails waiting to be explored. One of the highest profile Tirol hiking trails is the Eagle Walk. As one of the nation’s premier long-distance trails, it traverses the entire length of the country, from east to west.

      A truly unique experience is a sunrise walk in Tirol: Get up well before the lark and bask in the magical atmosphere of watching the sun fill the air over lofty peaks with its fiery, warming “Alpine glow”. Sweeping views of glorious mountain ranges and valleys greet you while the eastern horizon gets pinker by the minute. What a way to start the day!

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    • Strongly Recommended Walking Tours:

      Strongly Recommended Walking Tours:
      Karwendel Falkenhütte | Tirol Werbung ©
      The Eagle Walk: Graced by an unsurpassed panorama of jagged and lofty peaks and mountains, the Eagle Walk winds its way through Tirol’s most gorgeous and awe-inspiring Alpine scenery. This diverse long-distance trail is truly a natural wonderland.

      Divided into 24 stages in North Tirol, the Eagle Walk offers endless hiking opportunities. For a taste of the finest mountain scenery, head to Karwendel Mountain Range. A number of places here between Achensee Lake, Innsbruck and Leutasch are so special that you’ll have the images etched into your memory for years to come.

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    • Großglockner Stüdlhütte | Tirol Werbung ©
      A second Eagle Walk Route runs across East Tirol. Its almost 100-kilometer footpath takes nine days to complete and is overshadowed by the lofty peaks of Austria’s tallest mountains, Großglockner and Großvenediger.

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      Sunrise Walks: The summit of Kellerjoch Mountain in the Tux Alps is among the most stunning views you’ll find in Tirol. From this 360-degree vantage, the sun’s majestic arrival over the Kitzbühel Alps, Großvenediger Mountain, the Zillertal Alps, and the high ridges of the Stubai Alps and Karwendel Range will have you standing in awe.

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