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Banff Tour 2023

In the new Banff Tour 2023 program, we take you back to the mountains, the setting for two adventure documentaries with uncommon themes. In Balkan Express, we explore Europe’s wildest mountains via bike and ski. To The Hills & Back heads into the Canadian Rockies and the Alps, where it focuses on safety in the backcountry. The powerfully visual Creation Theory invites us to join three athletes and a musician in their search for the source of creativity through snowboarding and surfing and a rousing soundtrack. Deep-water soloing in Mexico is also featured in the program in the film Reel Rock: Cenote, which reveals how Adolfo ‘Fito’ Trujillo discovered his passion for climbing while swimming. And with the fast-paced rides of Colors of Mexico and Continuum, there's no shortage of mountain biking action.

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19.12.2022 - Media Release Program


The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2023 - Starting in June on a big summer tour in the most beautiful open-air cinemas in Germany.

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Creation Theory

All press images for the film Creation Theory for download.


Balkan Express

All press images for the film Balkan Express for download.


Colors of Mexico

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All press images for the film Continuum for download.


To The Hills & Back

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Reel Rock: Cenote

All press images for the film Reel Rock: Cenote for download.

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About Banff Tour

The Banff Tour shows the best adventure films of the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival, which takes place annually in November in the small town of Banff in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The festival has now been around for over 40 years and has since developed into a popular meeting place for fans and filmmakers. But to make sure that outdoor film fans all over the world don't miss out, a selection of the best films will go on a big world tour after the festival and will of course also make a stop in your country.