Program 2024

Come along and roam the endless expanses of Kyrgyzstan with our adventurers in search of untouched ski runs and get to know the Rocky Mountains from the inside with a group of cave explorers. However, we don't just celebrate records and successes, but above all the people who make them possible in the first place. Because nothing works without a good team: whether you're climbing the 9c limit in the Verdon Gorge, honing your freestyle skills in the snow park or exploring the American continent by mountain bike and paramotor.

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All films of Banff Tour 2024

Mustafa Ceylan

Goodbye football pitch, hello snowpark!

Cross Countries

Kilian Bron takes us on a journey across North America—by mountain bike, of course—from Sedona via Squamish and Grand Junction to the urban jungle of New York City.

Reel Rock: DNA

Futuristic, absurd, next-level: Frenchman Sébastien Bouin acheives the first ascent of the ‘DNA’ route in the Verdon Gorge in southern France.


Cave explorers Katie Graham and Franck Tuot want to find the deepest and longest cave in British Columbia. They assemble two determined teams and embark on a multiday underground expedition.


A group of freeriders seek adventure in Kyrgyzstan. Fascinated by the mighty peaks of the western Tian Shan mountain range, they take on an arduous journey.

Desert Wings

Together with six paragliders and their paramotors, we discover the terrific desert landscapes of the American Southwest - naturally from the bird's perspective.

Information about the event

All films are shown in the original version with subtitles in the local language.

The whole film program usually lasted around 120 minutes. With a 30 minutes break, moderation and competition the whole events takes 2.5-3 hours.

The current program is approved by the FSK without age restriction.