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Balkan Express

Cycling and skiing Europe’s wildest mountains

Small budget, big dreams. Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle show you how to get maximum adventure at minimum expense. For these adventurers from Munich, the journey is the destination. They’re traveling via one-way ticket from their hometown to Thessaloniki. From there, the cyclists and freeriders want to bike back home and have, of course, brought their skis along. They’re hoping for a series of spectacular descents away from the usual freeride spots.

2,500 kilometers through the wildest mountains in Europe lie ahead of Max and Jochen, and the Balkans do not disappoint, surprising the adventurers with a series of spontaneous and genial encounters.

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Length: 40 minutes
Direction: Philipp Becker, Max Kroneck, Jochen Mesle, Johannes Müller
With: Max Kroneck, Jochen Mesle
Production: El Flamingo GmbH, Philipp Becker, Germany, 2022
Language: German