On 14 February, the Banff Tour 2023 began in the sold-out Alte Kongresshalle in Munich. We would like to thank everyone who came out; you were a great audience!

Audience Feedback

„I really enjoyed the adventure behind Balkan Express. The entire way... not knowing what was going to happen. I thought it was very cool!“

„Very good, very exciting, a lot of things you don't expect. Especially the cycling in Mexico.“

„Really good. The last bike film (Continuum) was really good.“

„I have to say, the films so far have been super cool! I really liked the bikepacking adventure.“

To kick off the tour, we had a few surprises in store for our audience. What would a premiere be without our special guests!

After the film "Balkan Express", biker and freerider Jochen Mesle, as well as the two filmmakers Philipp Becker and Joscha Kotlan, were welcomed on stage by rapturous applause. In addition to a quick look into the production of the film, they offered up some bikepacking tips.

During the break, audience members were able to exchange ideas in the entrance hall, have a look around the partner booths, and take part in our prize giveaway.

The second half of the program began right after the prize drawing, when we had another pleasant surprise—a live call with Mike Quigley, director of the film "To the Hills & Back," and freerider Adam Campbell.

This film is about mountain safety and describes two tragic accidents experienced by freeriders Adam Campbell and Katie Combaluzier. To establish a connection to our local mountains regarding this important topic, we were also pleased to welcome DAV avalanche expert Stefan Winter on stage after the call.

Official trailer

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Information about BANFF Tour events


With moderation and a prize drawing, an BANFF Tour event lasts about 2.5–3 hours. Changes or additions to the film program and the sequence of activities each evening are subject to change. In exceptional cases, intermission may be omitted.

Film program

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