To The Hills & Back

Veteran mountain guide and rescuer Bradford White has experienced many devastating events in the Canadian Rockies. At a remote backcountry cabin, he and his daughter, Ginny, consider some tough questions. Have people lost respect for the mountains? Have they become more reckless because they are overconfident about being rescued in an emergency?

’To The Hills & Back’ reveals that there are no simple answers to these questions. Along with the mountain guide and his daughter, the film also provides Adam Campbell and Katie Combaluzier the chance to share their perspectives. Both have faced avalanche incidents with serious consequences while ski touring in Canada and France. Through hearing their stories, we can all learn from their experience and potentially avoid the same mistakes.

BANFF TALK with director Mike Quigley

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Length: 45 min
Direction: Mike Quigley
Production: Sherpas Cinema, Malcolm Sangster, abriella Dufour-Leonard, Canada, 2022
Language: English