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A group of freeriders are looking for an epic adventure in Kyrgyzstan. Fascinated by the mighty peaks of the western Tian Shan mountain range, they take on an arduous journey through the endless expanses of the Kyrgyz Steppe, a vast region of open grassland. They organize the most off-road-iest vehicle they can find for their journey into the mountains. When the Russian Kamaz truck gets stuck in the mud, the team comes to the harsh realization that this is no ordinary expedition. But, there is no turning back. The freeriders intend to pursue their adventure, and the deeper they delve into the mystical world of the Kyrgyz nomads, the more unexpected powers seem to be miraculously released within them.

Interview with Léa Klaue from Chronoception

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Length: 40 min
Direction: Guillaume Broust
Production: 2023, France, Picture Organic Clothing
Language: French, with subtitles