Two questions keep driving cave explorers Katie Graham and Franck Tuot into the depths: Is Bisaro Anima really the deepest cave in British Columbia? And is there a connection between Glory ‘Ole and Resonance? To find the answers, the spelunkers assemble two determined teams and embark on an underground expedition lasting several days. Although they are already familiar with large sections of the caves, a new challenge awaits their every turn. But this time, no passage is too tight, too steep, or too muddy. With the possibility of setting two new records, the cavers are prepared to lug a full set of diving equipment to the deepest known point of the Bisaro Anima cave—because not even an underground lake can deter these intrepid explorers.

BANFF TALK with François-Xavier de Ruydts and Franck Tout from Subterranean



Length: 40 min
Direction: François-Xavier De Ruydts
Production: 2023, Canada, Cold Fingers Films, Jenny Rustemeyer
Language: English, with subtitles