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Reel Rock: DNA

DNA. Perhaps just three harmless letters, but they stand for one of the toughest climbing routes in the world. Could ‘DNA’ be the next 9c? That is the difficulty level Sébastien Bouin has rated his new route in the Verdon Gorge in the south of France. The French climber’s first ascension was in April 2022, but because no one has yet managed to repeat the route, his rating has not yet been confirmed. Nonetheless, everyone agrees: ‘DNA’ is futuristic, absurd, and absolutely next-level. See for yourself and experience Seb Bouin's first ascent up close and personal in the Reel Rock film of the same name—DNA.


Length: 23 min
Direction: Josh Lowell
Production: 2023, USA, Reel Rock, Zachary Barr