Ashlee Hendy and Elizabeth Chong, Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park, Australia © Simon Carter ©

The program 2023

The setting for two adventure documentaries with uncommon themes: In Balkan Express, we explore Europe’s wildest mountains via bike and ski. To The Hills & Back heads into the Canadian Rockies and the Alps, where it focuses on safety in the backcountry. The powerfully visual Creation Theory invites us to join three athletes and a musician in their search for the source of creativity through snowboarding and surfing and a rousing soundtrack. Deep-water soloing in Mexico is also featured in the program in the film Reel Rock: Cenote, which reveals how Adolfo ‘Fito’ Trujillo discovered his passion for climbing while swimming. And with the fast-paced rides of Colors of Mexico and Continuum, there's no shortage of mountain biking action.

The whole film program usually lasted around 120 minutes. With a 30 minutes break, moderation and competition the whole events takes 2.5-3 hours.


The films in detail

All films are shown in the original version with subtitles in the local language.

Creation Theory

Three athletes and a musician in search of the creative spark.

Balkan Express

Cycling and skiing Europe’s wildest mountains

Traversing Europe on a Budget: Biking and skiing across the Balkans to Munich.

Colors of Mexico

Mountain Biking with Kilian Bron.

To The Hills & Back

In the mountains, conditions can change in a matter of seconds. How do you make the right decisions?


Mountain Biking: Flow in perfection.


Deep-Water Soloing in Mexico.

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